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  1. Civil Litigation
    Small Claims, Civil Claims, Debt Collection, Personal Injury, Builders' Liens, Property Disputes, Construction, Foreclosure, Insurance, Arbitration, Employment, Appeals, Tribunals, Regulatory Boards
    Making the right decision about a lawsuit is no small matter. It requires knowledge of the law and a full understanding of your options. We provide you with both. In our experience, an informed client makes better choices. We provide a full range of litigation solutions in Provincial Court, Court of Queen's Bench, and Federal Court. Our services are competitively priced and tailored to your needs. Unbundled services offered.
  2. Family Law
    Divorce, Parenting, Child Support, Spousal Support, Mobility, Property, Separation Agreements, Pre-nuptials, Independent Legal Advice, Mediation, Adoptions, Child Welfare, Dependent Adults
    Family issues can be hard on you and your children. Ongoing conflict with an ex-partner over parenting arrangements or support payments can be financially and emotionally draining. We will help you resolve your family law issues fairly and expediently and ensure that your rights are protected. We take seriously these responsibilities. As your expert with the family courts, we will guide you throughout the process. We offer competitive rates and unbundled services. Free half hour consultation.
  3. Real Estate
    Home and Condominium Purchase and Sale, Refinancing, Leases, Commercial, Farm, Mortgages, Subdivision, Building Permits
    We offer both home and commercial real estate conveyancing including refinancing or first and second mortgages. We can also help you with commercial leases, subdivision and building permits. Quotes over the phone or by email.
  4. Wills and Estates
    Wills, Personal Directive, Power of Attorney, Probate, Estate Administration, Trusts
    Getting your affairs in order in the event of your death is never easy. Don't put it off. Estate planning is an important task particularly if you have dependents. We can help you prepare a will, a personal directive (living will), and a power of attorney. For more complicated matters a trust may be right for you. Give us a call to discuss your needs.
  5. Corporate/Commercial
    Partnerships, Corporations, Societies, Charities, Non-profits, Corporate Organization and Restructurings, Business Purchases and Sales, Asset Sales and Transfers, Trademarks, Financing, Shareholder Agreements
  6. Environmental
    Environmental Appeals, Regulatory Compliance, Assessment, Litigation, Mediation, Consulting
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